Are you leading a team and wish each team member would contribute to the fullest?
Do you want them to perfectly fit each other, support and trust each other, use their skills and share their know how with their team mates?

Wouldn ́t it be great to work towards one goal being one single entity, meeting market demands, creating innovative producs or service, celebrating success and truly enjoy working together?


If the answer is YES, all it takes is to encourage creativity.
Creativity in solving problems in different ways, in generating ideas that will meet future market needs and make people ́s lives better.
Creativity in implementing flexible working structures and in allowing the team mates to make use of their very BEST.
Creativity in trying out new frameworks, share responsibilities, make the right decisions and eventually become an agile organization which would be perfectly prepared to face any challanges.


Let me prove it to you

Your Situation

Overall reorganization within the company

New challanges due to digitalization, market demands, Covid 19

Team re-alignment after restructuration, aquisition, other changes

Strategic requirements for higher performance

Dysfunctions within teams (trust, commitment, communication)

Initiation and introduction cultural change towards New Work

Moderation of prozess and workflow

Implementation of agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking


Teambuilding and Teamcoaching

Benefit for your organization

Individual consultation assures that the strategic and cultural orientation of your organization is considered in our workshop design. That way the tools we teach are sustainable and match perfectly the outcome you envision

Benefit for your team

"We learn the most, when we get to actually DO it" This is the character of the workshops. Together with the team, we will develop an action plan with expectations, targets, dead lines and responsibilities and make sure to check all these boxes at the end.

Benefit for the individual

We set our focus based on the needs and requirenment of the team mates, not the other way around, Only tools and methods, that are well suitable and can easily be transferred to the working environment of the individuals, are being tought and demonstrated.

WHY do I do it?

Nina Kisner

I am always thrilled to experience that an effective communication, shared core values, norms and vision, together with a strong team identity result not only in highly motivated people who truly enjoy their work but also in an overall high performance of the entire organization.

To me it is an undescribable joy to be part of this and to support teams on their journey to becoming a true TEAM.


WHAT can we work on?

Depending on your preferences, previous experiences, the industry you are working for the structures wich are already in place. An individual execution of online (using virtual collaborative white boards) or offline workshops (preferably outsite the usual setting) are part of my job.

Topics could be:

HOW do I do it?

During the first meeting we will analyze the current situation and get an understanding of your goals.
Based on the outcome we are going to align on concept, target, time line and costs.
During 2-3 days (min. 2x 4 hours) we will provide, both online or offline:
– training on your topics 
– coaching methods
– frameworks and interactions
– collaborative problem solving tools
You are going to receive a full documentation on process and outcome along with our feedback.
3-6 months after Kick-Off we recommend a Review Workshop as a refresher.


Let’s Talk